Are you expecting? Congratulations! Before bringing home your bundle of joy, make sure your apartment is ready to handle a newborn. Here are the preparations you need to make.

Clean Your Apartment Top to Bottom

When it’s just you and your partner, it’s easy to let chores go by the wayside. However, now is the time to get into a cleaning routine, rather than waiting until you’re elbow-deep in diapers. Start by deep-cleaning your apartment, even if your baby won’t be crawling around for a while. Then, establish an easy, 15-minute routine of clearing the clutter and disinfecting your home each evening so you’re already in the habit when your baby arrives.

Plan Where to Put the Nursery

Professionals recommend having your baby sleep in the same room as you for the first six to 12 months of life. After that, you may plan to set up the baby’s nursery in a spare room or even an under-utilized walk-in closet. If you have the space, rearrange and sell furniture to accommodate your new addition. And if your small apartment isn’t big enough for your growing family, consider moving before your child needs their own room.

De-Clutter Your Apartment

You are about to bring a ton of baby gear into your home. To make room for it all, de-clutter and sell things you no longer need. Keep on top of this once your baby arrives as well. This includes selling or donating clothes, toys, and other items as soon as your baby outgrows them. Holding onto these things for sentimental reasons only takes up precious space in your apartment.

Use Your Space Wisely

Think small as you start getting baby gear. If you’re trying to avoid moving, you’ll need to consolidate space. Do this by asking for smaller versions of the essentials on your baby registry and purchasing multiuse gear when possible. For instance, a high chair that attaches to your dinner table and a crib that doubles as a playpen can help you save space. You may also want to invest in floor-to-ceiling shelves, over-the-door organizers, and other storage solutions that utilize vertical space.

Don’t Overdo it on the Toys

Toys take up a ton of space, and you probably don’t have a spare room in your apartment for a dedicated playroom. So strive to keep the influx of toys under control by asking friends and family to gift you onesies, formula, diapers, and other things you’ll really need instead of yet another toy.

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