It’s easy to overlook the bathroom when decorating your apartment, but a few accessories can make it a more enjoyable place to get ready for the day. As a renter, you might not have the option to renovate or even paint the walls, but there are still plenty of bathroom decor ideas you can try!

Before getting started, evaluate your space and think about how much you can realistically add to the room. For instance, you might need to stick to above-the-toilet storage and wall decor to avoid taking up valuable square footage in a tiny bathroom.

Speaking of storage, this is an essential feature in any functional bathroom. Don’t even think about bathroom accessory ideas until you have a storage plan in place. The goal is to get as many things off the counter as possible with under-cabinet organizers, drawer dividers, and other solutions. Then, you can focus on implementing these small bathroom decor ideas:

  1. Select a color scheme: Choose light, airy colors to make your bathroom feel fresh and clean. White and blue, light grey and turquoise, or sage green and tan are good options to consider.
  2. Choose a statement shower curtain: This is where you can add a big pop of color. Just remember, the smaller the bathroom, the simpler any patterns and prints should be.
  3. Incorporate bathroom plants: Bring a little nature into the space with a kentia palm, snake plant, aloe vera, or Boston fern.
  4. Hang bathroom art: Wall art can go anywhere, including the bathroom! Whether you opt for glamor or humor, bathroom art is sure to liven up the space.
  5. Replace the hardware: For a small investment, you can buy a new showerhead, light fixtures, drawer pulls, and towel rods to instantly update your apartment bathroom. Hold onto the ones you replace so you can reinstall them when you move out.
  6. Use removable decals: Covering the walls with temporary wallpaper or decals can completely transform your bathroom. You can even find easy-to-remove tile decals!
  7. Invest in luxurious bath mats: Choose ones with the softest fibers you can find for a truly spa-like experience when you step out of the shower.
  8. Install floating floors: You probably don’t have permission to install new tile, but an affordable, removable option is to lay down snap-together tiles on top of the existing floor.
  9. Add a sink skirt: Does your bathroom have a wall-mounted sink with exposed plumbing beneath? If you don’t like this look, an easy fix is to hang a colorful sink skirt, which also provides some hidden, under-sink storage.

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