A major perk of renting is that you’re not responsible for fixing things that break in your apartment. Maintenance services should be covered in your lease, so check there to see which party is responsible for things like:

  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Replacing air filters
  • Changing smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector batteries
  • Maintaining specific appliances
  • Hiring professional carpet cleaners
  • Mowing the grass and removing snow
  • Performing other maintenance tasks

Then, do your part as a responsible renter by following this apartment maintenance checklist. Doing so keeps your place looking good while you live there and increases the chance of getting your security deposit back when you move out.

Walls & Floors

  • Alert your landlord of any water damage.
  • Place rugs in high-traffic areas to reduce wear.
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Clean up spills and pet accidents immediately.
  • Fill all nail holes and remove scuff marks before moving out.

Windows & Doors

  • Check for cracked frames, missing weatherstripping, or damaged door sweeps that could increase your energy bills.
  • Alert your landlord of cracked glass or broken locks immediately.
  • Check the screens for damage or tampering, and report any issues you find.

Cabinets & Countertops

  • Check for dampness or leaks in under-sink cabinets. Alert your landlord to avoid wood rot or mold growth.
  • Disinfect cabinets and countertops regularly.
  • Use cleaners that are safe for your countertop material to avoid damage.
  • Avoid hanging damp towels over cabinet doors to prevent warping or rotting.


  • Make sure all appliances function properly when you move in.
  • Never put cooking grease, fruit pits, bones, or non-food items down the garbage disposal. If a smell develops in the kitchen sink, run lemon peel, soap, and cold water through the disposal.
  • Clean the oven, microwave, and refrigerator regularly. Throw out any expired food you find.
  • Defrost the freezer when you move out, and don’t leave any food behind.


  • Watch for plumbing leaks.
  • Clean the shower regularly to prevent mold growth.
  • Use bleach products to remove odors from the toilet and elsewhere.
  • Unclog the toilet as needed. Call your landlord if you need help.

Outdoor Spaces

  • Watch for splintered or rotten wood on your patio and alert your landlord as needed.
  • Report any slippery stairs, broken banisters, or burned-out exterior light bulbs.
  • Remove toys and lawn furniture from grassy areas when not in use so landscapers can mow.
  • Pick up after your pets.

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