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Apartment Locating Specialists is here to make your move a lot easier. We provide relocation services for those in or moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area. As a relocation specialists, we receive many questions about moving. Our team is here to help you find apartments for rent in the DFW Metroplex. As an apartment locator service, we have prepared some answers to the questions we often receive from our clients. We encourage you to browse through them and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any additional questions for us.


Apartment Locator FAQ

1. How do apartment locators get paid?

An apartment locator service sometimes sounds too good to be true, but we assure you that our service is 100% free to you. We receive a commission paid to us by the marketing budget of the apartment community you move into. This does not have any effect on your rental rate.

 2. Are rents negotiable?

In general, base rental rates are not negotiable. However, in some cases, we are able to negotiate a slightly better rate or wave a fee. Rent prices are set by property owners and are the same for every renter and apartment locator. If an apartment locator service claims to have a special deal, they are likely misleading you.

3. Do you offer a free move?

We do not offer a free move, but we do offer you up to a $200 cash rebate. All you need to do is list Apartment Locating Specialists and your agent’s name on your guest card and lease application. Once you move in, come back to our site and fill out our rebate form to receive the money that you can use toward moving costs, housewarming items, or whatever you please.

4. What information do I need to provide to my DFW apartment finder?

Our team will need to know some information to help you find the best apartment for you. That information includes your monthly rental budget, your desired move-in date, the area, or areas you prefer, and any negative rental or criminal history.

5. What are the income requirements?

The income requirements vary by the apartment community. In general, you will need to make three times the rent in income, but some communities only require you to make 2.5 times the rent per month. If you are married, your joint income is counted, and if you have roommates, each one should make double the rent in income.

6. Why should I use an apartment locator service?

When you choose Apartment Locating Specialists, you can rest easy knowing you’ll find the perfect apartment. Our team is local and has knowledge of the area and the market. Our free apartment locator service will make your search easier and less stressful, and you’ll also be eligible for a rebate.

7. Do apartments accept aggressive breeds?

Yes, several apartments have no dog breed restrictions, and others accept specific dog breeds, such as German shepherds and huskies. Keep in mind that you will have to pay pet rent, and sometimes you will pay more for having an aggressive breed.

8. What are the costs associated with leasing an apartment?

When applying for an apartment you will usually pay an application fee and then an admin fee and deposit once you are accepted. These fees are sometimes waived with certain specials, and your deposit is usually based on your credit. You will need your first month’s rent, and you should plan on spending somewhere between $500 to $1000 for additional costs.

9. Can I do my paperwork from another city?

Yes, these days, almost all apartment applications are done online. In many cases, you don’t even have to visit the apartment to apply for it.

10. How soon should I start my apartment search?

Most apartment communities are on a 60-day notice, so you should plan on looking two months ahead of your move-in date. You can start earlier than that, but you may miss out on look and lease specials. Waiting too long can be stressful and put you in a time crunch.

11. What items will I need to preview apartments?

To preview apartments, you will need a driver’s license, passport, or other official ID.

12. What paperwork will they require from me for the application process?

You will need proof of income which can typically be in the form of bank statements, paycheck stubs, or an offer letter.


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