Studio apartments provide some of the most affordable places to live in Dallas-Fort Worth, but their diminutive size means space is at a premium. Every decorative element must be deliberate and impactful to avoid crossing into “cluttered” territory. So how do you furnish your living space and show off your unique style without impairing functionality? Here are seven studio apartment decorating ideas to try.

  1. Embrace multifunctional furniture: Studio apartment living often calls for innovative products to mimic a large-home feel in a tiny space. So research your furniture options carefully before buying. Look for a dining room table that stores up against the wall, a futon that folds flat into a bed, and a coffee table or ottoman with hidden storage.
  2. Hang mirrors strategically: Mirrors may not actually give you more space, but they make your studio apartment feel larger and brighter by reflecting the room back at you. Try hanging a large, gold-framed mirror behind the sofa or above your bed for dramatic effect.
  3. Adopt a minimalist mindset: One of the most practical studio apartment ideas is to curb the clutter. With this in mind, storage bins, drawers, wall hooks, and racks are your best friend. On that note, knickknacks are a no-no, so embrace your inner minimalist while living in a studio apartment.
  4. Divide the sleeping and living areas: With no walls to separate them, your “bedroom” and “living room” share the same space. To address this, position your bed in a corner and set up a double-sided bookcase filled with decorative storage bins at the foot of the bed. For even more privacy, hang a curtain on the final exposed side of the bed that you can open and close as needed.
  5. Delineate “rooms” with area rugs: Never underestimate the power of a few well-placed rugs in the “living room,” “dining room,” and “bedroom” of your studio apartment. Stick with subtle colors and patterns to separate spaces without creating a cluttered feel.
  6. Think vertical: When square footage is limited, look up to expand your storage space. Take advantage of floor-to-ceiling shelves, over-the-door shoe storage, and a desk with a built-in hutch. You can even grow a vertical herb garden in a small space.
  7. Buy a Murphy bed: Also known as a wall bed, this invention is ideal for living in a small space. It mimics a handsome cabinet by day and folds down into a comfortable bed at night. Some Murphy beds even have a fold-out table you can use while the bed is tucked away during the day.

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