Do you have a plain white wall in your apartment just begging to be decorated? Without the option to paint or make other permanent changes, you may be at a loss. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do without damaging the walls or sacrificing your security deposit. Use these apartment wall decor ideas as inspiration.

  1. Hang a collage: A white wall is nothing but a blank canvas. Dress it up with a collage of paintings, photography, vintage window frames, antique plates, hand-woven baskets, and other items of varying shapes and sizes. If nails are a problem, hang artwork with adhesive strips and hooks, which you can remove without damaging the walls.
  2. Apply temporary decals or wallpaper: These wall art ideas typically come with an adhesive backing that you remove before sticking them to the wall. They come in numerous forms, from floral patterns to inspirational quotes to geometric shapes.
  3. Set up a bookshelf: Floor-to-ceiling shelving is a beautiful, functional way to add living room wall decor. Fill the shelves with photos, books, trinkets, and more. Bookshelf styles vary tremendously, so you’re sure to find furniture that suits your tastes.
  4. Hang textured wall art: Tapestries, rugs, framed textiles, and beaded curtains are great for dressing up bland walls. They add texture and softness that’s difficult to achieve any other way while also boosting the wall’s insulating and soundproofing qualities.
  5. Create a vertical garden: A blank wall in the kitchen or dining room is the perfect place to incorporate a hanging garden. Choose small potted plants, such as succulents or herbs. You might also opt for faux greenery if you don’t want to worry about water or sunlight.
  6. Hang mirrors: Mirrors reflect light and their surroundings, automatically making any room feel bigger and brighter. Hang a mirror behind the living room sofa, at the end of a long hallway, above your dresser, or anywhere else you want to add the illusion of more light and space.
  7. Hang surfaces to decorate: Transform any wall in your apartment into an interactive area by hanging surfaces you can customize and change over time. Ideas include bulletin boards, dry-erase boards, chalkboards, oversized wall calendars, and personalized maps.
  8. Lean items against the wall: If you don’t want to worry about filling nail holes when you move out, simply lean decor against the wall. For instance, you can set a large wall clock on your mantelpiece, a floor-length mirror in your entryway, or an oversized framed painting on a sideboard in your dining room.

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