Apartment locating services are a growing industry divided into two main sectors: automated apartment finders and one-on-one personalized apartment locating specialists.

As apartment locating specialists that work one-on-one with each of our customers, we know the importance of understanding your personality, needs, and the kind of community that you’ll fit in with best. That’s why we want to discuss the ever-growing automated apartment finders that look to create an unpersonalized service of finding you a home for the next one to several years. As apartment locators in DFW and the surrounding areas, we want to offer premium quality service that you can’t get by looking at outdated and corporate prepared apartment photos that don’t accurately represent the community and nature of the location you look to move into.

automated apartment finders

The Crux of Automated Apartment Finders

Automating apartment finding with volume in mind.

When you hop onto your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone and use an online convenience-based system that functions as an apartment finder, you rely on images on a screen and the words from the seller with occasional videos that could be from the initial year in which the apartment complex was built. What you don’t see is the community life, the updated view, the customer complaints, maintenance necessary, or the complete feedback from real people that live there. Now, you may suggest that you can look at reviews online, and you’d be right. However, those reviews are controlled by the contracts with which the writers signed when they move into their apartments.

So, how much can you really trust what you read online?

If you’re like many apartment renters when you moved into your first apartment, the apartment you wanted was still being rented and you couldn’t look at that apartment specificially. Instead, you were allowed to see a demo prior to deciding whether you wanted to rent there. In that demo, it was furnished, and most likely, had never been lived in. There were no scuffs, bad smells, or other issues that come from normal wear and tear or even poor treatment of an apartment.

So, it looks great! Right?

You signed the papers, walk into your new apartment, and it looks bleak. The walls aren’t painted the same color as you expected. The furnishings aren’t there, obviously. The backsplash or flooring isn’t the same as the last apartment. In fact, it smells like someone spent the last year smoking in the living room in front of a television, where you can tell they attempted to fill in the holes from the massive wall mount that previously existed there.

All-in-all, not what you expected.

personalized apartment finders

Our Specialized Apartment Locator Services

Offering personalized apartment options based on individual need.

Now instead, imagine using a actual apartment locating specialist such as one of our apartment locator agents to find an apartment. We’ll talk to you over the phone, get to know your exact needs, location, budget, the community mentality, and the amenities you’re looking for in your next home. From there, we offer ideas, creating an actual picture for you while using the knowledge that we’ve gained over the years from the feedback we take from all of our past customers. We use their experiences to quickly find you the top places that you could call home in the coming months.

Armed with accurate information, you can call and visit those two to five best apartments that fit your specifications knowing that you aren’t wasting your valuable time. Then, when you do sign for your next apartment lease, you have the opportunity to save up to 6 weeks of rental costs without paying us a dime for our services. That definitely makes the renting process much smoother for you, don’t you agree? All we ask, is that you put Apartment Locating Specialists and the name of the agent who helped you on the referral portion of the lease agreement.