Deciding whether to choose between a short-term lease vs. long-term lease can be important, yet difficult due to several factors including pricing, new work location, waiting on a home to be built, or even waiting for the apartment you want to become available.

With the increasing demand for housing in the Dallas / Fort Worth and the surrounding areas such as Lewisville, Plano, Euless, and Grapevine, many people are finding it difficult to find the perfect apartment or home available on such short notice. During these situations, short-term leases can be beneficial even with the temporarily increased cost of renting. Some apartments have leasing options for not only 1 year, but 6 months, 3 months, and on occasion month-to-month apartment rentals. Long-term apartment leases however can reduce the stress caused by higher monthly rent costs, prevent rapidly recurring moving costs and more.

short term apartment lease

Is a Short Term Lease Right For You?

Rent an apartment that fits your time frame.

Our goal at Apartment Locating Specialists is to assist you in finding the best apartment that fits your needs. To do this, we need to best understand your purpose for moving, the number of people in your household, and the community and lifestyle that you’re looking to move into. If you’re moving because of a temporary job relocation or your career has had you move far away from your previous home, then it may be a good idea to try an inital short-term lease. However if you have children and want to avoid the stress caused by moving often, the perhaps this isn’t the best option for you and your family.

Short Term Apartment Leases for Work in North Texas

If you’re like many people that have joined the immigration to Texas from other states, such as California, New York, Oklahoma, or Utah, then you might be looking to build a new life here on your own or with your family. Making that move can be difficult. By contacting our apartment finding specialists at our Fort Worth / Bedford offices, you can greatly reduce the stress of searching for a home prior to making the move or simply hoping that the online pictures match the actual apartment you move into. We take all of those time-consuming tasks and do them for you. We even provide our service for free! If you’re thinking about making a short-term lease, speak to one of our apartment finder agents to discuss the best options available to you, that also fit your locations, community, and amenity needs.

long term apartment lease

Choosing a Long-Term Lease for the Benefits

Making long-term commitments can be helpful.

If you’re starting to feel like a short-term lease isn’t for you, the traditional long-term lease of one year, which generally equates to about thirteen months can offer a better moving solution for you and your family. By choosing a full one-year apartment lease, you can reap quite a few financial benefits as well as gain some extra stability in your life. Without the hassle of moving multiple times a year and paying hundreds in mover costs you can also enjoy lower rental costs of up to 50% off what you would be paying on a month-to-month basis.

Long-term rentals have one more great benefit to the renter when they sign their lease and add Apartment Locating Specialists as their referral: Up to 6 weeks off in rental costs. We specialize in finding apartments that have specials when you lease through an agency like ourselves. You save 2 to 6 weeks of rent payments at the beginning and the apartment company thanks us with a small payment for assisting in filling their vacancies. This helps both you and us in finding you an apartment that you’ll love, while saving money. This is called a win-win-win.