The Average Apartment Rent in Dallas, DFW Metroplex


Exploring the Average Apartment Rent in Dallas

Dallas has staked its claim as a highly desirable city to live in. With an array of enticing neighborhoods and moderately priced rental averages, it’s not a question why people are flocking to this Texas metropolitan. Whether you’re looking for the hustle and bustle of a big city or the laid-back charm of a small town, Dallas offers a range of options to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Average Apartment Size in Dallas

Dallas, TX, has a wide selection of apartment options, from cozy studios to spacious three-bedroom apartments. The average size Dallas apartment is approximately 750 square feet, contingent on a person’s price point. This size can be found in one-bedroom apartments, while studio apartments typically have about 500 square feet.

The Average Rent in Dallas, TX by Neighborhood

The rental market in Dallas is diverse, offering varying price points. On average, you can expect to pay around $1,598. However, the cost of your rent will depend on a variety of factors—such as the location, with more booming neighborhoods offering higher rental prices. Additionally, the size and quality of the apartment will also play a role in the cost.

The Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Dallas

Dallas has an array of neighborhoods that are budget-friendly hidden gems such as Plano, Las Colinas/Valley Ranch, The Colony, Carrollton, Lewisville, Frisco, Mckinney, and Allen.

The Most Popular Neighborhoods in Dallas

Knox Henderson is a highly sought-after neighborhood with a monthly rent average of $2,082, and East Dallas is close behind with a rental average of $1,456 for a one-bedroom apartment. Other favorable neighborhoods include Lakewood, Oaklawn, and West Dallas.

Top Cities Near Dallas

There are many vibrant communities surrounding Dallas, TX, with a total of 36 neighboring cities. Whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly alternative or high-end living, there’s something for everyone. If affordability is your priority, Plano, TX, has an average monthly rent of $1,300. For luxury living, apartments in the upbeat Addison community sit at an average of $1,800.

Most Popular Apartments in Dallas

The areas surrounding the North Dallas Tollway and the George Bush Tollway offer an array of popular apartments. These are in-demand locations due to their convenient access to the best spots in the city. Other highly sought-after apartment areas include the Legacy Village area, which is packed with shopping and amenities to keep you busy, and other communities in the outskirts of Addison, North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Coppell, and Carrollton.

Neighborhood Information for Dallas, TX

Whether you’re searching for a wallet-friendly area with outdoor activities and beautiful sightseeing opportunities or an upbeat community with trendy spots and elegant apartment options, Dallas has a little bit of everything. Neighborhoods bordering downtown are known for their socialite essence, while other areas, such as McKinney, are more laid-back and community oriented.

How Dallas Compares to Other Cities

Dallas offers a unique blend of affordability and luxury compared to other major Texas cities of its caliber. With an average one-bedroom rent of $1,598, it’s more affordable than Austin’s $1,825 yet more expensive than San Antonio’s $1,302 and Houston’s $1,324.

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