Are you having trouble finding no breed restriction apartments?

Are you an animal lover with larger dogs or puppies that will grow beyond the limitations set by many apartments in the Dallas / Fort Worth area? Apartment Locating Specialists understand your needs of finding a pet-friendly apartment complex that will allow you to own different breeds of animals such as German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Husky’s and more. However, it can be challenging to find apartments without weight and breed limits on animals that still maintain great care of their complex. Some of these animals may also be allowed on more apartment properties than others, and because of this, it may be difficult for breeds such as rottweiler’s to find an apartment home with doors open.

Apartment Locating Specialists has had decades of experience networking with all of the apartment complexes in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and want to ensure that you and your little (or not so little) pet family member is made to feel at home along with its’ owner. We’ll help you find a flexible apartment complex that meets your needs as a no breed restriction apartment or that at least allows for the animal breed that you own without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that generally, apartments that allow larger varieties of pets also come with a larger deposit. It’s not uncommon to hear of an extra $300 – $700 extra deposit for owning a larger animal.

Emotional Support Animals: An Exception

If you own an emotional support animal and have valid legal documentation, then according to Texas State Law, your animal will be automatically accepted without any extra rental cost or deposit. If there are any damages to the apartment however, you will be responsible for paying the repairs.

No Breed Restricted Apartments in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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Your personal apartment locator professional will find you the perfect apartment home for your pet and will verify pricing for your specific pets, the apartment requirements on animal care, and available play and walking area’s for your pet. Simply give us a call at (817) 685-7368 for assistance finding the right no breed restriction apartment for you and your pet(s) right here in the Dallas / Fort Worth, area.