Apartments for Lockheed Martin Employees

If you work at Lockheed Martin then you are probably aware of the discounts and benefits offered to you by the company and its participating partners. One of these special discounts available to you is up to a month’s rent off of your living arrangements. Our Apartment Locating Specialists have a long track record of helping Lockheed Martin employees find the right apartment for their needs, close to their place of employment, while ensuring they get the exclusive discount available to them. Call right now to get assistance from our apartment locating specialists or read below to find out the benefits of living in North Fort Worth with some examples of where you could be living!

Why Live in Fort Worth?

Fort Worth is a rapidly growing and expanding area due to the economic growth, great living costs, and the many cultural attractions that continue to bring people into the DFW area from out of state. If you are a Lockheed Martin employee looking to move near your new work location, we can guide you into finding the right place that fits your needs and help you save on initial moving costs. We even partner with a local moving company in Fort Worth that gives great rates with excellent service!

Apartments in Fort Worth for Lockheed Employee’s in 2020

We will help you find an apartment community in the north Fort Worth area that is beautifully landscaped and situated in central locations that are filled with the finest shopping outlets, great places to dine, and readily available entertainment for you to enjoy on your time off work. The resort-style community amenities we help you look for include fully featured fitness centers, relaxing and fun clubhouses for any social gatherings you might have, and beautiful pools that you can’t resist. We will help you pick a place that allows you to live the coveted dream life when you are at home so that you will feel fresh and content when it comes time to clock in at work.

Below are some examples of apartments available to rent that are close to the Lockheed Martin work site. Live comfortably in the most exciting parts of Fort Worth at reasonable rates.

Elan West 7th

Winner of the 2017 Tarrant County Property of the Year, Elan West 7th brings you urban sophistication with modern luxury living. Just around the corner from Downtown/West 7th District, experience the rich culture of Fort Worth while living in luxury at Elan West 7th’s extraordinary apartments.

The Henderson Apartments

The Henderson Apartments are rapidly becoming a cultured, cosmopolitan area. Located nearby West 7th Street and Sundance Square in Fort Worth’s greatest neighborhood, there’s plenty to do nearby outside of your regular work hours with exciting restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. There’s plenty to enjoy at the luxury Henderson Apartments with the many amenities and social gathering spaces perfect for a friendly community of young professionals.

Call Us To Find Apartments for Lockheed Employees in 2020

If you are a Lockheed Martin employee, we will help you get your special discount on your preferred place of living. Give us a call today and get free locating services to help find the perfect place for you!