We know that looking for an apartment can be stressful. At Apartment Locating Specialists, we do everything we can to make home-hunting an easy and fun process! We are very proud to have helped thousands of people across the great state of Texas find the perfect place. One couple that needed our assistance was Holley and Saul in El Paso. Keep reading to hear how their nightmare of an apartment search quickly turned around after contacting Apartment Locating Specialists.

Studio Apartment in Dallas

“As someone who has been an avid HGTV fan for years, I was super excited about the thought of finding the perfect apartment with every amenity on our list. My boyfriend, Saul, and I were moving from Lubbock to El Paso and already had an eye on a property that we knew we would love.

We toured the apartments when we came to visit one weekend and knew we had to have it as our home. One problem: everyone else wanted it as their home, too! The availability was scarce and the rent was a little higher than we were expecting. We decided to go back to Lubbock and keep looking at things online. This is the moment we SHOULD have called Apartment Locating Specialists.

My stubborn and impatient self was determined to find a luxurious apartment that we could move into right away that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. I came across a property that we had not seen in person but it seemed just as nice. I convinced Saul to give this other apartment a chance and began corresponding with a leasing agent at said property. Long story short, we moved to El Paso, went to the property that we had never seen in person to sign a lease and things weren’t adding up. The apartment looked nothing like it did in the photos we had seen online! Needless to say, I panicked. I immediately called Renee with ALS and asked her what we could do.

She gave us great guidance and found a way to get us into the apartments we had originally fallen in love with for a cheaper price than they had previously quoted us! At the end of the day, everything worked out, but if I would have called ALS to begin with, I would have saved Saul and I a ton of unnecessary stress! No matter how confident you are in your home-hunting abilities, it is always better to have a professional apartment locator on your side.