How to Make a Small Space Work

We get it.

Living in a small space can be tricky, and that’s typically what you get when you sign the lease on a one-bedroom or studio apartment.

But living in a space doesn’t have to constantly cramp your style.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our top 9 tips for making a small apartment work for your needs – enjoy!

Maximize Natural Light and Windows

Natural light really does wonders for any living space, but it’s especially great for opening up an already small space. If you have natural light in your apartment, be sure to make the most of it.

Choose to highlight your windows by making them a focal point in the room, and choose soft, light-colored curtains or drapes to frame your windows. Anything to let in a little more light.

Ditch Your Closet Doors

If your landlord or property management group will allow it, consider taking the doors off of your bedroom and/or hall closets.

Once the doors are removed, hang a shower curtain at the top of the door frame and drape a curtain in front of the door to hide the closet’s contents. With the heavy door out of the way, the room will instantly feel bigger.

Choose Dual-Purpose Furniture

In tight spaces, you won’t always have enough room to showcase all of the usual pieces of furniture, such as dining room tables, spare beds, excess chairs, etc.

To conserve space, choose furniture that can do double duty. Futons or daybeds work well for bed-to-couch situations, or you could also choose a kitchen island or desk that also doubles as a dining room table.

Utilize Your Wall Space

Floor space might be limited, but chances are you’ll still have quite a bit of wall space in a tiny apartment, so be sure to make the most of all of that useable space.

Install shelves all the way up a wall – even if you can’t easily reach the top shelf you can still store less-used items there. Hooks behind doors and the storage space above kitchen cabinets can also be great uses of space.

Switch to Simple Bedding and Linens

Bright colors and loud patterns can sometimes make a space feel a lot smaller. If you truly want to create a simple space consider switching to simple bedding and linens.

Sticking with neutral colors and textures helps to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in your apartment, and can also help to make the space feel larger than it actually is.

Put Up a Divider to Split the Space

If you’re in a studio or even a smaller one bedroom apartment and you’re really keen on creating divisions in your space, consider setting up a thin divider to create some separation.

This could be some division between the bedroom and living room, or the living room and kitchen – wherever you need some division would be a great place for a small divider.

Utilize Under the Bed Storage Space

In any small apartment, it’s very important to utilize all of your storage space – including the space underneath your bed.

This can be a great place to store less used or seasonal items so that they are out of the way. You can easily store items in clear plastic bins so you can see what’s inside with a quick glance.

Don’t Go Overboard with Appliances

Often times less really is more, and we typically tend to think we need more than we actually do – especially when it comes to kitchen appliances and gadgets.

You’ll likely have limited cabinet space, so be sure to stick with only the appliances and tools that you absolutely need and use on a regular basis. Everything else can wait until you have a larger kitchen space to work with.

Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle

Living a minimalistic lifestyle really can be a beautiful and freeing way of life, and living in a small space can be a great way to determine what you really do need.

Embrace the lifestyle! It may take some getting used to at first, but it’s totally worth it in the long run.

In Conclusion

Living in a small space is totally doable – and it can actually be the beginning of a great, minimalistic lifestyle.

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