Could your outdoor living space use an upgrade? Even if you only have a small apartment balcony, you can do so much to improve its functionality, beauty, and privacy. Use these apartment patio ideas to makeover your outdoor space without breaking the bank.

  • Address lackluster flooring: Is your concrete patio cracked and old? Does the aging wood deck threaten to give you splinters? Upgrade your apartment patio with floating floor tiles, artificial turf, or an outdoor rug sized to fit your space.
  • Invest in good outdoor seating: You’ll be more inclined to spend time outside if you have a comfortable place to sit. Even a small apartment balcony can accommodate a couch if you build it to fit one corner. But if you’re really short on space, you may want to stick to stacking or folding patio chairs.
  • Use other space-saving furniture: To maximize your outdoor area, you might need to get creative with your furniture. For instance, a folding bar top allows you to enjoy the view without a bulky table and chairs taking up space. Fold the table down and tuck the stools away when not in use to reclaim your patio.
  • Add greenery: Your apartment balcony is perfect for showing off your green thumb. Plant whatever your heart desires, from flowers and herbs to fruits and vegetables. You’ll love the added greenery and floral scents of a patio garden. To prevent your plants from taking up the entire outdoor living space, go vertical with tiered plant stands or railing-mounted planter boxes.
  • Create privacy: You may love hanging out outside, but lack of privacy is a common concern for apartment dwellers. Non-permanent ways to keep prying eyes at bay include railing screens, curtains, lattice wall panels, and six-foot-tall bamboo privacy screens. These are just a few small balcony ideas that add privacy without taking up space.
  • Add balcony lighting: Your patio might already have a sconce light, but string lights are better at setting the mood after dark. Hang them from your balcony railing or on ceiling-mounted hooks. If you don’t have an outlet available, consider solar hanging lamps, railing lights, planter stakes, or other sun-powered lighting options to illuminate your patio after dark.
  • Accessorize your small patio: If you still have room to spare, spruce up your patio with accessories. Outdoor pillows, sculptures, bird feeders, and wind chimes add unmistakable charm and coziness.

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