Lewisville is attracting thousands of new people every year with the population doubling on an 8-10 year period.

Apartment Locating Specialists have proudly assisted thousands of renters in finding new, clean, and enjoyable community-driven apartments in Lewisville, TX over the past decade. With more than 100,000 people, Lewisville, TX is one of the fastest-growing areas in the North Fort Worth / Dallas area thanks to large corporations such as DFW International Airport, Amazon, FedEx, and others that need upper management and corporate employees that want to still live in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood outside that larger Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. If you need help being placed in a comfy new apartment that fits your personal and family needs of the happy community of Lewisville, we can make that happen and save you up to 6 weeks’ rent in the process.

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Why Renting an Apartment in Lewisville is a Great Choice

Did you know that there’s been a wave of industrial growth in and near Lewisville?

Thanks to the businesses and the influx of people moving into Lewisville, more jobs are being created every year to keep up with the community growth and needs of the public. Because of the rapid growth, apartments are in great demand, and finding an apartment that’s nice, well-kept, and maintained, and also has all the amenities you’re looking for can be difficult without the right direction. Our apartment locators have built a well-structured network to make the process of finding an available apartment that fits all your expectations much easier on your and your family.

Rent an Apartment in Lewisville

Rockbrook Creek Apartments in Lewisville

Beautiful 1 Bedroom Apartments Starting at $900 in Lewisville, TX.

If you’re ready to begin your apartment search in Lewisville, TX then we highly recommend starting your apartment hunting with the Rockbrook Creek Apartments located in Lewisville just West of I-35 East and next to the Cinemark Theatre. The apartments have held great reviews from our referrals and from what we’ve seen personally during visits. We highly recommend checking them out if you’re in a rush. However, if you have the time for a phone call, or can fill out our simple online form, then we’ll do 90% of the legwork for you in your apartment search.