Is Renting an Apartment as an Office Worth It?

Office spaces for rent in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX can be quite expensive. For business owners working to build up their brand, have space for products that they sell, or to manage office space, this can be difficult to afford. For those that want peace and quiet, a complete workspace, storage, personal restrooms, or a place to eat while they work, apartments can make a nice option for renting an apartment.

For many small businesses, the question comes down to whether an apartment is worth renting over an office space.

If renting an apartment as an office has come across your mind, take the following into consideration:

Example of Renting an Apartment for Office Space

Small business owners and entrepreneurs usually begin their journey to success from home. However, children, family obligations, and keeping home life separate from work life can become a challenge quicker than expected.

In this case, renting an office space becomes the perfect solution, right?

Maybe so, maybe not.

In fact, office space rentals in the Dallas Fort Worth areas start around $600 or more for as little as 120 square feet and without much privacy. Not to mention that you’ll be clustered together next to many other small business owners and external operators. For a few hundred dollars a month more, you could have your own personal restroom, kitchen, plenty of storage area, or space to house multiple workstations. If increasing your costs can provide 5 times the space or more, then you might want to consider making the expense.

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Making the Move For Increased Work Space

Don’t limit yourself with a tiny office if you need more space.

Managing a team or selling products can require dedicated space that’s expensive to come by. Rather than paying extra for minor increases in space, you could decide to take your office space into an apartment. By working from an apartment, that space is still a tax write-off (which if you’re looking for tax write-offs there isn’t one much better than when you pay rent for an office) which you can essentially reduce your taxes by 35% of what you’re paying for the location to begin with. Choosing to turn an apartment into an office for your small business can allow you to expand your operations at a much lower cost.

To break it down, if you need more space at a lower cost, want specialty conveniences that make you and your staff feel at home, while being able to maximize productivity and time management, renting an apartment to use as an office is a great choice.

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Let Us Help Find the Right Apartment for Your Office

Looking for an apartment with the option to setup or run a business from within cann be a hassle. Our trained staffed at Apartment Locating Specialists has worked with many apartment renters to find a place that works for them in the Dallas / Fort Worth and Even Plano area. We can ensure that all your needs are met for your office apartment quickly and that’s nearby so that you can get back to your daily life outside of work faster and easier. Best part, our services are free!

To get help finding an apartment to position your office, give us a call or fill out our Apartment Locator Search Form to get started on an apartment search today.