Smaller, more minimalistic living has become one of the premier trends of recent years, and for good reason! As the old adage goes- the more stuff you’ve got, the more stuff you need to take care of the stuff you’ve got. But this does lead to a practical question, how much stuff (and space for the stuff) is enough?

Well, maybe it isn’t about how much space, but rather, how you use it! Here are our top 3 tips for utilizing your one-bedroom apartment in Fort Worth to the epitome of its small space potential! After all, you don’t always need more space, just to use your current space better.

Tip #1: Vertical Space is Your New Best Friend

No matter the amount of square footage you have in your one-bedroom apartment, it can easily be added to when you look up at all the wall space you have and all the potential it can hold (or hang)!

  • No more cabinet space in your kitchen for your dishes? Add a floating shelf elsewhere that can showcase your crystal clears while saving your much-needed cabinet space for less attractive dishes.
  • No more counter space in your bathroom for your toiletries or makeup? Hang a metal magnet board and attach small magnets to the backs of your products, or use a hanging wire basket, for a sleek and organized solution!
  • No more dresser space for your traditional jewelry box or draws left for your plethora of scarves (or belts, hats, and jackets)? Try wrought iron hooks for a beautiful and functional space-saving cheat!

Your vertical space can be used both brilliantly and purposefully given a little creativity, a hammer and nails (and maybe a level). Check out dazzling vertical space saver ideas here!

Tip #2: Make Your Furniture Work Overtime

Now that you’ve used your wall space to the best of your ability, let’s do the same for your furniture! Contrary to logic, larger (but fewer) furniture pieces actually create the illusion of more space and less clutter. Plus, they make sure you have all the seating you need for those book clubs, cocktail socials, and late-night movie marathons.

In addition to using fewer, larger pieces, try using light color schemes which open and brighten an area with very little effort. Pops of color (instead of busy all-over-color) can make a space light and airy while still being distinctly you.

But how do you go about choosing which large, light pieces you want in your one-bedroom apartment? Functionality, functionality, functionality. Choose something that can be used in multiple ways. Think like an ottoman that opens for storage, a bed frame with drawers, a nightstand dresser or expandable and foldable items. The market is ripe with new options, and it’s only going to continue!

Tip #3: Be Conscious of What You Bring Into Your Home

Regardless of the size of your dwelling, you will always overfill your space unless you are mindful of the things you decide to bring into it. This can be as simple as not letting the trash pile up, to as major as looking at every potential purchase twice or getting rid of something old each time you buy something new.

The best way to make the most out of living in a one-bedroom in Fort Worth is to embrace the idea that less is more, and more things do not equal more happiness. A clean, open space, even a small space, will be much more calming and joyous than a large home cluttered with things you do not need nor want.

And of course, with the beautiful weather of the DFW area right outside your window, keep it open and let them out in for the additional freedom, freshness, and peace you and your apartment crave! One-bedroom apartments don’t have to be the enemy! And with the above tips, you’re sure to get the most out of yours!

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