If you began working remotely when the pandemic hit, you might now be looking at a permanent work-from-home situation. As an apartment dweller, you don’t have the option to build a home office add-on. That means it’s up to you to carve out a dedicated workspace where you can be comfortable and productive. Use these small home office ideas as inspiration.

Set Aside Some Space

The most important decision is choosing where to set up your home office. Popular options include an empty corner of the bedroom or living room, the dining nook, or even a walk-in closet. If the space you choose is out in the open, consider setting up a room divider or hanging a curtain to help increase privacy and minimize distractions. Wherever you put your home office, make sure there are ample outlets in the vicinity and a good Wi-Fi signal.

Prioritize Natural Light

When possible, set up your workspace near a window. Exposure to natural light and being able to look outside are huge mood boosters. You may even have more energy if you’re able to enjoy the view while you work.

Include Flexible Artificial Light

Whether natural light is an option or not, make sure you also have an adjustable lamp and overhead lighting. Eye strain is a valid concern when working at a computer for hours, and having the right light can make a world of difference.

Personalize Your Space

One of the best office decor ideas is to include beautiful artwork, desktop trinkets, and houseplants to inspire you and make you happy. You might decorate shelves with family photos, keep a vase of fresh flowers nearby, or start each workday by burning a candle. These little touches will make your home office an inviting place to spend your time.

Select the Right Home Office Furniture

First, find an ergonomic office chair. If you splurge on nothing else, at least make sure the chair you’ll be sitting in all day is comfortable and supportive. Then, choose a desk that meets your needs. One must-have feature is a pull-out keyboard tray, which will do wonders for your comfort level. Consider your storage needs as well, which may involve choosing a desk with a space-saving hutch.

Stay Organized

Once your workspace is set up, keep your stress level down and your productivity up by decluttering regularly. Keep a trashcan and paper shredder nearby so trash doesn’t pile up on your desk. We have answered a few frequently asked questions here

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