With new apartment complexes popping up left and right in Dallas and Fort Worth, future residents seeking a place to live have more options than ever. One of the biggest topics of discussion when deciding on an apartment is the quantity and quality of amenities available.

To try and stand out in a crowd of competitors, apartments are offering new and extravagant amenities, both in-unit and community-wide. With an ever-growing list of amenities, it can be easy to forget some of the more essential amenities you should keep in mind. Look over this guide to get a reminder of the standard amenities that are offered and decide which ones are musts before moving on to the high-end amenities like pet spas and rooftop decks.

Pet-Friendly Building

You are probably already thinking about this if you have a pet and are trying to find an apartment that can support your fur baby. If you don’t have a pet, don’t waste money on extra pet amenities. This one is simple, sure, but we can’t imagine the frustration of getting ready to move in to your new place only to realize at the last minute that your pet won’t be able to stay with you.

Personal Temperature Control (AC/Heater)

For those familiar with Texas summers, you know that having working air conditioning is basically mandatory. Recently we had one of our highest recorded temperatures in Texas. While it may be obvious that every apartment you come across in your search will have air conditioning and heating, you’ll want to make sure that you can actually control the temperature yourself. Double-check that your lease guarantees working, self-controlled AC/heating at all times.

Hardwood Floors

This is the first entry in this guide where a real decision has to be made. Hardwood floors look great and are much easier to maintain than carpets or linoleum, especially if you have pets that shed a lot. They can also help keep your apartment temperature down in the hotter months. The downside? They usually cost more. If you aren’t particularly lazy about cleaning or if you prefer the softness of carpet, don’t be afraid to skip out on hardwood floors.

In-Unit Washer & Dryer

You never miss an in-unit washer and dryer until you live in an apartment without one. Lugging your laundry across the complex can be a hassle, especially when you accidentally drop a clean sock on your way over. While public laundry facilities aren’t the end of the world, you’ll be a lot more comfortable washing everything at once if you have an in-unit washer and dryer.


Not having your own dishwasher in your apartment will probably result in one of two things. Either you’ll diligently hand- wash each and every plate and glass that you and your guests use, or you’ll blow that off after a while and increase your environmental impact by using tons of plastic throw-aways. You’ll probably just want to get an apartment with a dishwasher and move on.

High-Tech Appliances

While most apartments today will come with appliances that use technology that we would all consider “modern,” some higher-end apartments have appliances using technology from the past 5 years. If tech options like bluetooth-connected refrigerators or washing machines that you can control from your phone sound amazing to you, keep this entry in mind during your apartment search.

High-end Kitchen

Today’s high-end luxury apartments include extravagant kitchens, complete with marble-top counters and the most regal of cabinetry designs. Unless you are heavily involved in cooking or plan to live in the kitchen, a regular kitchen with less expensive decoration should suffice.

Personal Balcony / Patio

Having a balcony for your apartment can be a fun and exciting social experience. But most of the time you won’t want to go out there for whatever reason (it’s too hot, rainy, windy, etc). If balconies didn’t affect the rent so much, we would be more comfortable suggesting them. As it stand now though, you might want to forgo this amenity. If you do decide that you want a private balcony or patio, make sure you are getting one of adequate size.

Finding the right apartment with just the right balance of amenities and expenses can be overwhelming. If you need help picking between all the luxury apartments in Fort Worth and Dallas, feel free to give us a  call at (817) 685-7368 or fill out our Apartment Locator Search Form. Oh, did we mention our service is completely free and gets you your first 6 weeks for free at your new apartment?