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Apartment Rent Rates Rise in Dallas/Fort Worth

Apartment rent rates continue to rise across the country with the national rent index increasing in each of the first five months this year. Month-over-month growth for May was 0.5%, while year-over-year growth at the national level stands at 2.6%. And unfortunately...

Why should I use an Apartment Locator?

Have you ever considered using an apartment locator?  If you’re searching for an apartment in the Houston or DFW markets, you probably know that competition is stiff. Despite the boom in construction, the supply of available apartments simply hasn’t kept up with the...

Tips for Finding Your First Post-College Apartment

The school year is winding down and if you’re about to graduate college it’s an especially exciting time.  The years of hard work are about to pay off and you’ll finally be able to live the life you’ve only dreamed of until now, with a new job, new friends, and a new...

Apartment Locating Tips for Pet Owners

Let’s face it, locating a new apartment can be enough of a hassle when you only have yourself to think of.  For millions of Americans, the task is complicated further by the fact that they own a pet.  According to a recent study by a leading apartment industry...

How to Avoid Common Apartment Renting Mistakes

Locating the perfect apartment home can be a hassle unless you’re prepared to conduct a thorough assessment of all the potential properties. The razzle-dazzle sales pitch and the initial awe of finding an apartment with one or two desirable features can make you lose...

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